Day 3 - Live 1v1 Bracket Racing


đź—“ September 10th, 9:30 UTC

⛯ Insomnia 71, United Kingdom


Most frequent questions and answers

XGR is an open racing community that welcomes everyone! No matter your skill level, organization, game knowledge, you’re welcome here!

Yes, absolutely! We regularly do ground vehicle racing, in addition to ship racing.

There’s no secret button to press to learn how to race and compete in Star Citizen. It takes practice and dedication to compete with the fastest racers. If you want to improve your skills, simply join up and race with us, practice with us, hang out with us, and in no time at all you’ll see your skills beginning to improve!

While we have many members of the community that enjoy combat in Star Citizen, we do not put on combat-specific events. Our events are racing-specific with weapons fire banned.

Join the Discord! Come and hang out! Feel free to ask any questions you may have in Discord. The XGR community is exceptionally friendly and helpful.

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